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15 Best Car Accessories For a Summer Road Trip In 2023

Car accessories have evolved over time to suit different lifestyles and requirements for your vehicle. These car accessories for your summer road trip will help you drive effortlessly and safely, especially in traffic in the scorching heat.

Backseat Car Organizer

A backseat car organizer can help you pack all of your essentials - including snacks, sunscreen, and a beach towel - in one spot so that you don’t have to dig around for everything when you need it most. Not only is this an efficient use of space in the back of your vehicle, but it also makes it easier to navigate when you’re on the road.

Many car organizers come with compartments for storing additional items, such as phones and water bottles. Some organizers even come equipped with hooks so they can attach to door handles for easy access while driving through heavy traffic.



Car Seat Gap Filler

A car seat gap filler is a must-have road trip accessory that will keep your things from falling and you struggling to find them. These fillers don’t let your phones and coins slip through.






Sun Visor Organizer

It’s so easy to use - just place the open end of the organizer over the top of your car’s visor, then slide it down onto the bottom of your visor and snap it closed. That’s it! The next time you get into your car and pull up your visor, all of your things will be waiting for you. That means no more searching for lost sunglasses or even your car papers. You’ll know exactly where they are, and they’ll be there when you need them.




Rooftop Cargo Carrier

It’s one thing to be ready to take a road trip, but it’s another thing entirely to have the right vehicle for the job. You want to make sure that you’re not sacrificing any space or comfort in your car. A rooftop cargo carrier is a must-have that will help you store luggage without compromising space inside the vehicle.





Car Window Sun Shade

When you’re driving on the highway, it’s important to keep your eyes open, and your mind alert at all times. That’s why it’s always important to have a car window sunshade.






Car Seat Cushion

Car seats can be uncomfortable and hard to get into if they aren’t properly cushioned. A car seat cushion can make all the difference when it comes to staying comfortable on long road trips.






Inflatable Mattress

An inflatable mattress is also a must-have summer road trip accessory. They are perfect for camping or sleeping out at the park. You can’t go wrong with this versatile product.







Portable Car Fans

When you’re on the road, there are few things as essential as a portable car fan. Whether you’re headed to a music festival or just want to keep your car cool in the summer heat, this nifty device will keep you comfortable.





Tie Down Straps

These are great for keeping your bags in place, as well as keeping them secure on the back of the car. They’re also great for securing items that you don’t want to fall out of your trunk or hatchback, like bikes or kayaks.






Window Breaker/Seat Belt Cutter

A window breaker/seat belt cutter will allow you to break the glass with minimal effort and damage. You won’t have to worry about smashing your knuckles or damaging the interior of your vehicle when you use one of these handy tools.

You’ll also be able to cut off seat belts in an emergency situation. Whether you’re planning on taking a long drive or just want an extra tool in case of an accident, these devices are great for keeping people safe while they travel!



Dash Cam

Driving around the country in your car is fun, but the constant stream of traffic and unpredictable driving conditions can make it stressful. If something goes wrong, having a dash cam will help you prove your case against the other driver.

Dash cams are easy to use and install, so they’re great if you want to keep an eye on your driving while you’re out on the road. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to plug them into your phone or keeping them charged when you go camping - they’ll always be ready for action!


Portable Air Compressor

You’ll be able to fix your flat tire and get back on the road in no time with this. They’re also great for emergencies when you have to change a tire or have some other mechanical issue that needs immediate attention. The best part is that these compressors are small enough to fit in your trunk and don’t take up much space at all.





Portable Car Battery

A portable car battery is a great way to keep your car running throughout the long, hot summer days. Whether you’re camping or just spending a lot of time outside, having enough juice in your battery can make all the difference.





Car Diagnostic Scanner

A car diagnostic scanner gives you peace of mind that your vehicle is running at peak performance and can prevent costly car repairs in the future. These scanners can detect problems with your car’s engine, transmission, airbags, brakes, fuel systems and more.



Roadside Emergency Kit

If you’re thinking about going on a long drive, make sure you have one of these kits packed in your car. It’s important to have one on hand because they can be used in emergencies. They also come in handy if there is an accident or if you break down between towns, which can happen when driving across the country during the summer months.






The key to a great road trip is planning and preparation, but you also need to make sure that your car is properly equipped to handle the journey. To help you prepare, we’ve put together this list of the best car accessories for a summer road trip, so you’re always prepared with everything you’ll need along the way!