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Buying Used Cars


Drivers have many decisions to make when purchasing a new vehicle. With many deciding on a used vehicle or budgetary or other practical purposes, the choice then turns to weather to buy a used car from a dealership or a private owner.

The vehicle's condition and price are the top factors for many buyers, but security and convenience should also be carefully considered. When all are examined closely, there are many advantages to buying used cars from a dealership instead of a private seller.

Buying a Used Car from a Dealership

Dealerships offer many advantages to used car buyers, including on topics such as security, price, condition, and convenience. A private deal might look better at first, but a closer inspection will reveal how much more time, effort, and money it will require over going to a dealership.


Car dealerships often have a large inventory of pre-owned vehicles on their lots, allowing drivers to easily compare features and take multiple test drives all in one convenient location. Instead of having to meet with multiple sellers to determine which vehicle works best, buyers can do all of that in one afternoon at the dealership.

Dealerships also offer convenience in terms of financing. They have relationships with local banks and credit unions, offering the best terms and rates to drivers with the click of a few buttons. Buying from a private seller means that buyers have to compare auto loans from different financial institutions themselves.


Car dealerships are bound by laws, and buyers do have some recourse if they end up purchasing a lemon. Dealerships also usually offer a warranty on used vehicles. The same cannot be said for buying from a private seller. After the transaction is finalized, any problems that pop up are on the new owner.

Dealerships also offer certified pre-owned vehicle programs. Vehicles classified as certified pre-owned have:


undergone an extensive multi-point inspection


have been repaired with OEM parts if needed


and come with extended warranties to protect against issues

This can help guarantee that buyers are purchasing a reliable, working vehicle.


Dealerships offer a sense of security in many ways. First, dealerships offer security in terms of personal safety. There are many people around to witness events. All personnel have been carefully vetted by the dealership management. Buying from a private owner could mean meeting someone that you do not know in an unknown area, which is not very safe.

Dealerships also offer a sense of security in terms of what buyers are getting for their money. Many offer free vehicle reports that highlight maintenance that has been done to the vehicle, accidents that the vehicle has been in, recalls that are active on the vehicle, and more.