How To Install An EV Charging Station at Home

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EVs are also known as electric vehicles; they are precisely what the future needs to sustain the environment. Most automobile businesses are partially or fully producing cars with electric energy. EVs come in a variety of models and forms. Compared to standard vehicles, electric vehicles are inexpensive to operate and safe for the environment. If you want to purchase an electric vehicle, it is vital to understand its requirements and what you need to maintain it.

What Is The Difference Between An Electric And A Gasoline Vehicle?

The difference between an electric vehicle and a gasoline vehicle is that EVs make very little noise compared to gasoline vehicles because they do not have combustion engines. Electric engines can also accelerate faster as combustion engines do not reach high torque until gaining speed. The cost of maintenance is lower - goodbye oil changes - and recharging is cheaper than refueling these days. Plus, every time you brake, the car recaptures some of that energy for the battery!

Is The Electric Vehicle Charging Station Costly?

Are you considering buying an EV? If yes, its price depends on the type of EV you want to use. There are three types of EV charging stations: level one, level two, and level three. For instance, depending on the complexity, the level one charging cable costs around $300 to $500, the level two charging cable costs about $350 to $2000, and the level three charging cable starting cost is $50,000.

Regions in the country also offer to install charging stations in your homes; please note that the EV installation is not included in the costs mentioned above.

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Does Charging AN EV Take Time?

Charging an electric car such as the Hyundai IONIQ or Hyundai Kona varies between the charger models. Level two charging stations charge more quickly than level one - up to 8x faster. Level 3 is the fastest but not suitable for home charging as it uses DC (direct current) rather than AC (alternating current) available in most homes. There are more and more public level 3 charging stations every day, which can charge your battery up to 80% in 30 minutes.

How Can I Install An Electric Car Charger At My Home?

How Can I Install An Electric Car Charger At My Home?

Survey your house

Install your charger in a secure cabin

Connect your charger to the fuse box in your home

Make use of the load management if you don't have space for the charger